The ISC prepares the final event of its 2021 conference: Prevention Post Pandemic

The International Safeguarding Conference’s 2021 conference focused on the issue of Prevention Post Pandemic is ongoing, and its final event is drawing closer.

Summer Camp and Safe Environments in the Vatican

TutelaMinorum's in-office psychologist Dr. Rosanna Giacometto held safe enviornment formation sessions with Summer Camp leaders ahead of this year's edition of 'Estate Ragazzi in...

Msgr. Robert Oliver: Vos Estis breathes life into penal procedures

Msgr. Robert Oliver, outgoing secretary of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, says Pope Francis is “breathing life” into procedures in Vos estis lux mundi.

Creating a Pathway toward Renewal: the Healing Garden

“Knowing the issue of childhood abuse by clergy and its traumatic and long-lasting effects on victims, families and our larger Church has been divisive and torn people apart, here is a unique place where people have come together in the spirit of renewal…I feel if we can come together and share something in common, we have hope that our Church can be renewed. That is my dream.”

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Identifying and Responding To all Forms of Abuse in Schools, Victorian Education Department (2018) Spotting the Warning Signs of Abuse For School Staff, Victoria State Government...


The Tutela Minorum mission is to unite the efforts being made by local safeguarding institutions and professionals around the world.

We hope to serve as a “hub” to promote public safeguarding information, knowledge, news and events and to foster a welcoming and fully transparent safeguarding community for all members of the Church.

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