Summer Camp and Safe Environments in the Vatican


TutelaMinorum’s in-office psychologist Dr. Rosanna Giacometto held safe enviornment formation sessions with Summer Camp leaders ahead of this year’s edition of ‘Estate Ragazzi in Vaticano’. For a second year Pope Francis has opened the gates and gardens of Vatican City State to children of his employees, giving them some reprive from Rome’s heat and an opportunity to spend time together within the walls of the Vatican.

Dr. Rosanna Giacometto meets with this year’s camp counselors.

In this Special Year dedicated to Laudato sì, Pope Francis’ encyclical on the care of the common home, The Centro Estivo at the Vatican wants to bring kids closer to understanding the environmental and social emergency we find ourselves living today. Laudato Sì, while praising all of Creation, puts man at the center of this project of God and sees the entire earth praising the Lord, starting with the example of St. Francis. As we reflect on ecological issues, we will also try to discover what is the true meaning of being a Christian, this way of thinking about the world and creation.

Today’s world is facing a major environmental and social challenge. Pollution is increasing, natural resources are slowly being depleted. Animals, plants and even human beings are beginning to experience the consequences of an environment that is too badly treated. Small daily actions can help safeguard the environment and with it all the living beings with whom we share it. Along with the environment, Pope Francis directs us to turn our gaze also to our community where so many families, even today, do not have the possibility to live adequately because of economic or ethnic problems. We must then take the field and act against all forms of discrimination, to allow everyone to live in dignity and feel part of a community.

The Centro Estivo will take place inside the Vatican City in dedicated and equipped spaces for recreational and sports activities including the swimming pool where you can play and cool off under the eyes of our animators.

Each week a detailed program will mark the day of the children: dances, group games, sports activities, art workshops, shows and daily challenges. All the activities in the program have been designed thinking about the different age groups of children with one great purpose: to educate through play.

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