Where to turn when reporting suspected abuse?

Whether it be victims, survivors, family members, or communities of faithful, all individuals may come forward to report a suspected abuse with mixed feelings: fear, anger, anxiety, hopes for justice, trust or mistrust. Often they do not know what to do, which steps to take, nor to whom they should talk.

That is why the systems available for these individuals must ensure that effective, professional and prompt processes are in place for those who report a suspected abuse.

Some services for handling reports of allegations offer the services of a “victim assistance coordinator.” A victim assistance coordinator is someone who works closely with victims of crimes during the course of the justice process, offering information regarding various aspects of the assistance, including but not limited to legal support and recommendations of other services available for the individual and for their family (e.g. psychotherapy and medical assistance).

This section offers examples of public available services of reporting systems (victims assistance coordinators, offices and hotlines) established by local Churches and other entities, with instructions regarding the specific steps to be taken within the following Countries:

Africa #

The Americas #


United States Catholic Conference Bishops (USCCB)

Victims Assistance Coordinator Interview Series, The Catholic Project  

Archdiocese of Chicago 

Archdiocese of Baltimore (USA)

Archdiocese of New York (USA)

Archdiocese of Washington (USA)

Archdiocese of Los Angeles (USA)

Diocese of San José (Califonia)

Diocese of Manchester (USA)

Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse (NY)

Archdiocese of Boston (USA)

Diocese of Arlington (Virginia)

Diocese of Colorado Spring (Colorado)

Diocese of Savannah (Georgia)

Diocese of Austin (Texas)

Diocese of Providence (Rhode Island)

Diocese of Sacramento (California)

Diocese of Worcester (Maryland) 

Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux (Luoisiana)

Diocese of Albany (New York)

Diocese of Camden (New Jersey)

Diocese of Grand Rapids (Michigan)

Diocese of Lafayette (Louisiana)

Diocese of Bismark (North Dakota)


Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB)

Archdiocese of Regina


Archdiocese of Mexico (Mexico)

Asia #

Europe #

Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service, Scotland

Lutter Contre la Pédophilie, France

National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland, Ireland

Towards Healing, Ireland

Towards Peace, Ireland

The Catholic Church in England and Wales, England and Wales

Ignatianum Center for Child Protection, Poland

Regional Consultation Center for People Wounded in the Church, Poland

Saint Joseph Foundation of the Polish Bishop’s Conference, Poland

Wounded in the Church, Poland

Oceania #

Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd, Australia

New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference (NZBC), New Zealand

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