What assistance is provided to the people who have been injured?

Vos estis lux mundi” — Pope Francis

“Ecclesiastical authorities shall commit themselves to ensuring that those who state that they have been harmed, together with their families, are to be treated with dignity and respect, and, in particular, are to be: a) welcomed, listened to and supported, including through provision of specific services; b) offered spiritual assistance; c) offered medical assistance, including therapeutic and psychological assistance, as required by the specific case.”

Support persons for the Accuser, the Accused, and for the Affected Parish or Church-Affiliated Location” — Catholic Diocese of Oslo and Trondheim Prelature

“The bishop, in consultation with the DEC (Diocesan Ethics Council), appoints support persons for the accuser and the accused. A support person shall be personally suited to the task, that is, he or she should have requisite professional and interpersonal competencies. One individual cannot be the support person for both parties. A support person should be someone the respective party can trust, and he or she will be appointed through dialogue with the said party”

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