What are the protections for people reporting information to the Church?

“Vos estis lux Mundi”–Pope Francis

“Reception of reports and data protection … The information referred to in this article is protected and treated in such a way as to guarantee its safety, integrity and confidentiality pursuant to canons 471, 2° CIC and 244 §2, 2° CCEO.”

“Vos estis lux Mundi”–Pope Francis

“ Making a report pursuant to article 3 shall not constitute a violation of office confidentiality. §2. Except as provided for by canons 1390 CIC and 1452 and 1454 CCEO, prejudice, retaliation or discrimination as a consequence of having submitted a report is prohibited and may constitute the conduct referred to in article 1 §1, letter b). §3. An obligation to keep silent may not be imposed on any person with regard to the contents of his or her report.”

“Rights of Victims of Sexual Abuse”–Maltese Ecclesiastical Province

“A victim of sexual abuse has a right to bring an action in the canonical forum against the abuser for damages incurred personally on account of such abuse.”

“Care and Support for the Complainant”–NBSCCCI

“The Church authority offers appropriate pastoral care to complainants, which recognises their unique needs. This should include an offer from the Church authority to meet the complainant in person. The Church authority has access to appropriately trained personnel – lay, religious or clergy – whose clearly defined roles are to listen to and represent the pastoral needs of the complainant. This is done in consultation with the complainant. The Church body works in cooperation with relevant organisations and seeks specialist advice from the statutory child protection services when necessary.”

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