What are the norms for reporting suspicions and concerns regarding sexual abuse?

“Vost estis lux mundi”–Pope Francis

“Dioceses or the Eparchies … must establish within a year from the entry into force of these norms, one or more public, stable and easily accessible systems for submission of reports. … Any person can submit a report concerning the conduct referred to in article 1, using the methods referred to in the preceding article, or by any other appropriate means.”

“Receiving a Complaint”–ACBC

“A contact person shall listen fully, honestly and compassionately to the person laying the complaint … The contact person shall explain the procedures for addressing the complaint and ensure that the complainant gives his or her consent to proceeding on the basis laid down in this document.”

“Directives for the Implementation of the Provisions of Vos estis lux mundi Concerning Bishops and their Equivalents,–USCCB

“These supplemental directives establish how the bishops in the United States of America ought to implement Vos estis lux mundi with respect to the receipt of reports and the investigation of the conduct referred to in Article 1 concerning bishops and those equivalent to bishops in canon law.”

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