Is the transfer of an offender to an assignment in another diocese prohibited?

“Essential Norms” — USCCB

“No priest or deacon who has committed an act of sexual abuse of a minor may be transferred for ministerial assignment to another diocese/eparchy or religious province. Before a priest or deacon can be transferred … his bishop/eparch or religious ordinary shall forward, in a confidential manner, to the local bishop/eparch and religious ordinary (if applicable) any and all information concerning any act of sexual abuse of a minor and any other information … Every bishop/eparch or religious ordinary who receives a priest or deacon from outside his jurisdiction will obtain the necessary information regarding any past act of sexual abuse of a minor by the priest or deacon in question.”

Guidelines for the Prevention of and Response to Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand” — NZCBC

“Safe recruitment also includes an obligation to be honest with potential employers of people who have been found unsuitable by the Church. The Church needs to ensure that they do not move into employment or voluntary work where similar issues could arise.”

“Guidelines” — CBCP

“The transfer to another ministry or Diocese of a cleric found guilty of sexually abusing a minor who poses a threat to minor and the community has to be excluded.”
Guidelines for Dealing with Cases of Sexual Abuse of Minors Perpetrated by Members of the Clergy, Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (2016)

“The Temporary Ministry of Priests within England and Wales” — NCSC

“Diocesan Clergy, who will be engaging in active ministry in any diocese within the territory of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, having come from outside that territory, will require the prior permission of the Diocesan Bishop to undertake that ministry. Permission will only be granted if the Diocesan Bishop obtains satisfactory written confirmation from the individual’s own Bishop that he is a Cleric in good standing and that there are no concerns, allegations or criminal convictions relating to any maltreatment of and /or sexual misconduct with children or adults.”

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