Assessing Safeguarding

As part of the Church’s effort to institute consistent safeguarding measures for minors and vulnerable persons across the globe, the audit process has become an indispensable tool to control and assess the good governance of local churches. By measuring a local church entity's compliance with established norms and procedures, the audit process fosters better safeguarding knowledge and identifies opportunities to introduce the Church’s “best practices” directly into the pastoral practice of the relevant ecclesial reality. In outlining how any Church organization may assess its safeguarding efforts, this section will refer to "compliance" when addressing a Church entity's degree of adherence to established norms and guidelines while referring to the "audit" when addressing the official process through which this compliance is ensured. Rather than being prescriptive, this section is intended only to answer specific questions related to the audit process and to identify resources that have been adopted at the local level with success.

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