Children Denied Rights in #Covid-19: The New Inequalities


Courtesy of The Salesian Observatory for the Rights of Minors

After the success of the Webinar of December 4th, which attracted the attention of young people, students, professionals of the sector and personnel,  The Salesian Observatory for the Rights of Minors is offering a second webinar entitled RIGHTS DENIED IN THE TIME OF COVID-19: THE NEW INEQUALITIES.” The event will take place on Friday March 5th, 2021 live from  5.00 pm on the Facebook page ” MinoridiDiritto” and on the YouTube channel ” ICC SalesianiDonBosco .” During this webinar, experts will address the issue of inequalities and rights denied during the times of Covid with particular reference to how this pandemic is affecting our younger generations.

The pandemic has highlighted and increased inequalities among minors, making it difficult to recognize the rights of children and adolescents. Boys and girls are at risk of seeing an increase in conditions of poverty, difficulties in accessing education and healthcare, and a lack of respect for their essential rights.

“Today more so than ever it is essential to continue talking about boys and girls to direct public attention to and encourage debate on the inequalities that are characterizing the living conditions and developmental opportunities of many minors”, says Prof. Farina, together with Fr. Emanuele De Maria, both from the Salesian Observatory for the Rights of Minors.

The following experts will take part in the March 5th webinar:  

  • Arianna Saulini : Coordinator of the CRC Group.
  • Marco Rossi-Doria : Vice President of Con I Bambini.
  • Andrea Morniroli : Coordinator of the Inequalities and Diversity Forum.
  • Andrea Farina : Salesian Observatory for the rights of minors.

The President of Salesians for Social – Central Italy, Fr. Emanuele De Maria, will also be present.

 Dr. Arianna Saulini will offer an analysis of poverty and the deep inequalities that have emerged as a result of the pandemic, making reference to the content of the 11th REPORT CRC. She will address particular attention to the need to invest in boys and girls.

Prof. Marco Rossi Doria, starting from the report sponsored by Openpolis and With Children “Compromised Choices – Teenagers in Italy, including the right to choice and impact of educational poverty “, will offer an image on adolescents in Italy and instruments aimed at eliminating or reducing the educational gap present in Italy.

Dott. Andrea Morniroli  will go in depth regarding the practical implications with regards to the issues of marginalization and support for inclusion.

These contributions will be coordinated and be put in in dialogue with Prof. Andrea Farina.

The last webinar of this series is scheduled for April 23, 2021  – New challenges: Covid-19 as an opportunity to rethink strategies and policies.