ACSL Says Goodbye to outgoing CEO Sheree Limbrick and welcomes Dr. Ursula Stephens as new CEO


Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd (ACSL) has recently announced the appointment of Dr. Ursula Stephens as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Stephens has previously worked as an educator, a senior NSW public servant, an Australian senator and been involved in numerous community-led initiatives to support community engagement and inclusion. 

But with this new welcome, ACSL also recently said goodbye to its longtime CEO, Ms. Sheree Limbrick. Reflecting on her experience Ms. Limbrick shared the following:

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Ms. Sheree Limbrick served as CEO of Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd. for nearly 4 years.

“And just like that, it is my final day!  Three years and ten months have passed at once in a whirlwind and also a lifetime.  It has been an absolute privilege to lead the establishment and operations of CPSL and more latterly the transition of CPSL to ACSL.  As with all jobs, people are key to the experience and I could not have been more fortunate than to work alongside and learn from the board members of both CPSL and ACSL… To those working within the Church in leadership and governance of communities large and small – as provincials of religious congregations, bishops in dioceses, trustees of PJPs – thank you for your willingness to work alongside us to re-commit and re-think how we are serving the interests of children and adults at risk in our communities…Also, to all the safeguarding workers I’ve been honoured to meet during my term as CEO – thank you not only for the vital, often difficult work you do but also for the passion, vigour and innovation that you bring to your work, and for your valued partnership with CPSL and now ACSL. Finally, to the survivors and advocates who I have met, who have trusted me with their stories, who have courageously and quietly helped CPSL/ACSL to stay true to our purpose and maintain clear line of sight to those most horrendously abused within our Church, I say thank you for your courage, trust, determination and resilience.”

Ms. Limbrick also shared her excitement to see the official transition be made from what was formerly Catholic Professional Standards to ACSL, and she is excited to see how Dr. Stephen will bring her depth of experience in advocacy, policy development and relationship building, alongside the knowledge she has gained through working within numerous Catholic organisations to lead ACSL into its next chapter of Safeguarding.